The entire Criminal Justice System simply does not have any checks and balances on its exercise of power. Each section of it reviews itself and there is no truly independent and non-partisan review process at all. Police, DAs, prison officials and judges all review themselves and thus have no fear of any wrong doing. This is how they become corrupted by power. They know that they will not be penalized if they do wrong.

The judges review judges, the DAs review the DAs, the police review the police, the court officers review the court officers and the prison guards review the prison guards.

Each and every level reviews itself and grants itself immunity from prosecution.

If there were independent reviews of all their actions, they would be flying into prison cells as fast as they throw the rest of us in there for their prosecutorial misconduct.

Any organization without any independent, impartial, non-partisan oversight will invariably become corrupt and began to serve it's own interests and purposes but not the interest and purpose for which it was intended.

They have used laws to protect themselves from their negligence and outright wrongdoings to maintain their power base.

The entire criminal justice system grants itself immunity from prosecution.

Evil is knowing better, but doing worse.

Another way to view its corruption is that rich people avoid jail time but poor blacks and latinos do not. Why would money determine the outcome of justice? Why would hiring an attorney somehow provide justice? This concept does not make sense to me, so I can only conclude that the system is corrupt.

Consider again the District Court Department Mission Statement

As the gateway to justice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the District Court is dedicated to the administration of justice in a fair, impartial and timely manner in accordance with the rule of law. In fulfilling this role, the District Court shall provide the communities it serves with an environment that is safe, accessible and respectful to all. The District Court shall conduct its business with integrity, competence and a commitment to excellence in order to promote public trust and confidence in the judicial system.

Can you get a good whiff of that bullshit?

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