65 Delmar Avenue
                                                 Framingham, MA 01701
                                                 March 22, 2015

        Office of the Middlesex District Attorney
        15 Commonwealth Avenue
        Woburn, MA 01801
        Attn: Marian Ryan

        Dear Madam,

        This document can be accessed on line via the following URL:


        I am currently engaged in defending myself against assorted
        charges.  My court Docket No. is 1449CR2685 and the currently 
        assigned Assistant District Attorney is Batool Raza

        At Suffolk University, she was a member of the
        Muslim Law Student Association (MLSA).

        I've done some research on Batool Raza and I would like to
        request a change.

        Her facebook page is: 


        Note the web page I have written up on her


        The big picture points to her Facebook page, but take careful
        note in the big image I saved, the message

        Kill Everyone You Think You Can
        The whole nation follows Hussain.

        and the big lettering

        tum kitno ko youn maaro ge, yeh poori qoum hussaini hai

        Being a public atheist,


        I do not want a muslim that has such statements in her public
        persona as an assistant District Attorney on my case.  

        Her holy book, the Quran states in over 100 locations
        to harm, hack, slice, dice and kill the unbelievers.  I am
        such an unbeliever.  She thus brings to her job a tremendous
        mental bias that she does not discuss publicly outside her
        Facebook page.

        Of course, I am pretty sure that it was you who assigned her to me.
        Thank you for inserting your religious biases into my life.

        As I see it, the Middlesex DA's office supports Islam.  Period.
        Is this a truthful statement or not?  I demand an answer.
        That would mean supporting a misogynistic pedophile prophet
        and a imaginary god Allah who has never existed.

        Are the courts secular?

        I'd like to ask what your religion is so I can better understand
        your religious biases.

        The following is your mission statement:
        Our core mission is to protect and serve the people who work,
        live and raise their families in Middlesex County.  Assistant District
        Attorneys, Victim Witness Advocates, Paralegals and other talented
        professionals pursue this mission through exhaustive investigations, 
        unassailable prosecutions and compassionate victim advocacy. 

        I can see that I will become the victim of your policies.
                                                 Sincerely yours,

                                                 Harold J. Wolfe


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