65 Delmar Avenue
                                               Framingham, MA 01701
                                               March 18, 2013

        Commission on Judicial Conduct
        c/o Executive Director
        11 Beacon Street, Suite 525
        Boston, MA 02108 

        Dear sir/madam,

        I would appreciate it if you could take the time to read my
        eleven page synopsis of my trial on 10/05/2012, which I
        believe involved federal crimes as outlined in my complaint.

        How can the district court bypass a pre-trial conference with a

        How can a judge actually accept a case of vandalism without any
        photographic evidence?

        How can two persons (the DA and the judge) acting under the color of
        law look at a car door and convict me of vandalism and send me to jail
        for a month.  The DA stating that the Commonwealth had proven its
        case beyond a reasonable doubt and the judge convicting me, but later,
        (only after my jail sentence) the judge admits he had seen no damage.
        How's that for the failure to provide exculpatory evidence.

        Given the statements the judge made in court about the certainty of
        the damage (Page 87, line 19), this constitutes outright perjury and
        malicious behaviour by both the DA and the judge in a conspiracy.

        I sincerely hope you do not allow judge David W. Cunis to
        continue to represent you as a member of the Massachusetts
        If you wish to have more information than what I supplied on the
        enclosed DVD, you may feel free to contact me, preferably in the
        morning or early afternoon.

                                               Sincerely yours,

                                               Harold J. Wolfe


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