65 Delmar Avenue
                                                       Framingham, MA 01701
                                                       June 10, 2013

        Office of the Middlesex District Attorney
        15 Commonwealth Avenue
        Woburn, MA 01801
        Attn: Marian T. Ryan

        Dear Madam,

        The following is a complaint against Jessica Hogan, a member of 
        your staff who made the case that I was guilty beyond a reasonable
        doubt on two charges, Assault: MGL-265 13a, and Vandalism
        MGL-266-126a.  She made the following statement to the judge:

        The Commonwealth does believe that they've proven beyond a 
        reasonable doubt that the defendant did cause an assault, placing
        the complaining witness in fear of imminent bodily damage and as
        well as vandalizing the property which is her car. 

        On the assault charge, I'd like to ask exactly how did the 
        Commonwealth prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the complaining
        witness was in fear of imminent bodily damage, other than the
        complainant's mere statement that she was in fear?  Is that all 
        that is needed for proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is
        a very important question to be answered.

        I'd also appreciate a more definitive understanding of the concept of
        assault when it constitutes a crime against a person but I never 
        touched her.

        On the vandalism charge, no photographic evidence was submitted to 
        show damage and only after I spent 25 days in prison, did the judge,
        David W. Cunis, state that he had seen no damage on the car door.
        The complainant distinctly told Jessica Hogan that there was damage.
        So my next question, is what damage did Jessica Hogan see?  I saw
        no damage, the judge belatedly saw no damage, but Jessica Hogan
        to this day never admitted what she saw.

        If the judge did not see any damage, then I claim that Jessica 
        Hogan committed perjury.  The other notion that bothered me is that 
        Jessica Hogan did not even want to see the evidence of vandalism,

        I was amused by judge David W. Cunis's remarks:

        The burden of proof rests exclusively with the Commonwealth to 
        prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden
        of proof is a strict and heavy burden. The burden of proof is
        proof beyond a reasonable doubt. 

        My judicial complaint is on the web and shows far more detail 
        including the full court approved trial transcript from which it
        was derived:

        I have included a printed copy of the page for your perusal.

        My claim is Jessica Hogan, acting under the color of law, 
        committed perjury (as did judge David W. Cunis), and failed to
        provide any exculpatory evidence.  Furthermore, she failed to
        accuse the complainant of perjury.

        What was done to me was highly repugnant and does not come close
        to something called justice, and I can thank Jessica Hogan for that.

        Your response will of course be reflected on my web sites.

        If you have any questions, all my contact information is shown 
        above and on above mentioned web page.

                                                        Sincerely yours

                                                        Harold J. Wolfe

                                                       65 Delmar Avenue
                                                       Framingham, MA 01701
                                                       August 6, 2013

        Office of the Middlesex District Attorney
        15 Commonwealth Avenue
        Woburn, MA 01801
        Attn: Marian T. Ryan

        Dear Madam,

        I submitted a complaint to you on one of your staff members
        Jessica Hogan, back in early June and you have failed to respond
        to my complaint.  Do you consider yourself above the law and you
        no longer have to respond to anyone for anything?  

        Do you believe you have prosecutorial immunity?

        You have been served.


        If you have any questions, all my contact information is shown 
        above and on above mentioned web page.

                                                        Sincerely yours

                                                        Harold J. Wolfe

Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan
8 Bradford Road (or 8 Pearl St)
Belmont, MA 02478

Current salary: $92,884.71

Marian T. Ryan is a catholic.

July 5, 2013:
I expect her response to be a complete whitewash of the matter and I will be told that the matter is closed. This means that she does not want to hear from me and if she does, she will simply ignore me. I'll just wait and see.

She attended Boston College Law School which was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1863 and whose tradition is find God in all things

She teaches at Emmanuel College which is a liberal arts Catholic college. Note that it's president is Sister Janet Ester and the number of Catholic sisters on its Board of Trustees

It should be clear to any idiot that these are catholic indoctrination centers.

Marian T Ryan is related to Jennifer Barry, who is 41 years old and lives in Braintree, MA. Marian T Ryan is also related to Maureen Ryan, who is 68 years old and lives in Abington, MA.

Belmont resident appointed Middlesex District Attorney April 23, 2013
Belmont Citizen Herald Belmont Citizen Herald
Belmont resident Marian T. Ryan has been appointed to be the next Middlesex District Attorney by Governor Deval Patrick.

"I am humbled by the responsibility which the Governor has entrusted to me," said Ryan. "I am thrilled to be leading the Office where I have spent my entire professional career and I look forward to continuing its long tradition of excellence."

Ryan has worked as a Middlesex County assistant district attorney for more than thirty years. She has risen through the ranks of the office, serving under 5 different District Attorneys, as a District Court supervisor, a Superior Court trial team captain, and as the Chief of the Domestic Violence and Elder/Disabled Units. Most recently, she has served as General Counsel and Chief of the Elder and Disabled Unit under former District Attorney Gerry Leone.

Throughout her career, she has prosecuted hundreds of cases, including that of Walter Emery, a case which had remained unsolved for more than 20 years until he was convicted in 2007 for the murder of a mother of three. She has also briefed and argued more than 40 cases in the Appeals Court and the Supreme Judicial Court.

Ryan has been a passionate advocate for the most vulnerable victims, including the elderly and developmentally disabled people who have been taken advantage of financially and physically abused.

She has also been actively engaged in the Office's outreach and training efforts, and has developed and led programs on work place violence prevention and school safety.

Ryan has been an adjunct professor at Emmanuel College and Wentworth Institute, and is currently teaching at Lasell College. She is a graduate of Boston College Law School and a past recipient of the school's David S. Nelson Public Service Award. She received her undergraduate degree from Emmanuel College.

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