Have you ever considered employment in some shady work? How about:

  • Careers in Bank Robbery
  • Careers in Extortion
  • Careers in Fraud

How about

  • Careers in Child Kidnapping
  • Careers in Child Theft
  • Careers in Child Selling, and perhaps
  • Careers in Child Pornography.

DCF has created new social programs designed to assist and service the family accused of child abuse and neglect. Mostly very young children who cannot reliably testify as to what might not have happened.

The keyword is accused

Child abuse jobs are in

  1. medicine,
  2. psychology,
  3. law,
  4. law enforcement,
  5. mental health,
  6. social services (case workers),
  7. directors of volunteers,
  8. education,
  9. printing and publishing voluminous amounts of material on how to recognize and treat abusive families.
    Ask for DHS Publication No. OHDS 81-30303.

Here's a very short list of reasons used by DCF to steal your children.

  1. Is the house unclean?
  2. Are there fire hazards?
  3. Are there spoiled foods?
  4. Is the child wearing dirty clothing?
  5. Is the kitchen sink full of dirty dishes?
  6. Is the clothing inadequate for weather conditions?
  7. Has the child been spanked?
  8. Are there bruises in unusal areas?
  9. Is there any emotional abuse and neglect? (How does one discern this?)
  10. Is the child getting adequate supervision?
  11. Is the child too fat?
  12. Is the child too skinny?
One wonders if DCF scoops up kids to make child pornography? Can DCF find these lost children before they are found in porn videos? Do foster parents work with DCF to acquire kids that they themselves cannot have due to medical issues?

Once your name is entered into DCF records, you are labelled a child abuser for life. If your child shows up at a hospital for any reason, it becomes possible that DCF may take your child.

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