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Jennifer A. Stark is an associate justice for the Framingham District Court in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She was nominated by Governor Deval Patrick on July 17, 2013 and approved by the Governor's Council on the same day, by a vote of 8-0. Her term expires when she reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70.


She left out little facts like being a jewish princess with some very strange beliefs . Her holy scriptures, the Torah includes marching orders from her god, . Deutoronomy 13 which merely instructs her to kill the unbelievers . She'd get all giddy about using the Spanish Donkey on me. The Blasphemy Law (MGL 272-36) is a tribute to an idiot like her. She and others would prefer to keep it on the books just in case it becomes enforceable again. Then these religious wackos can bring back the penalty suffered by Giordano Bruno

Then there is that jewish arrogance coming from Deuteronomy 14:2 where Jehovah has chosen her to be special in the world.

Religion is moronic and indefensible and constitutes iredeemable stupidity that should question the authority of her position and inspire a sea of doubt about her suitability for her position as a judge.

She runs the Recovery (Drug) court (Wednesdays, 1300-1600). If you are being judged by her, make sure you say you love jews and don't say anything about that fake holocaust or wear anything that resembles a swastika .

The Torah is the primary source of misogyny and homophobia and is used to facilitate the infection of idiocy, promote non-intellectual crime, and commit fraud in general on a large scale.

If Charlie Sisitsky becomes Framingham's new mayor, she'll be fucking the mayor's son, Adam Sisitsky, a jewish lawyer. She has three kids and I wonder which school she places them in. The secular schools headed by another jew boy or the Metrowest Jewish Day School Do their children have those cute little curls like god wants them to . If they have the curlyques, it means she may be arrogant enough to smell, taste, hear and feel colors.

How deep is she in religious stupidity? She has a 14 year old named Jonah and an 8 year old Isaac. . As an aside biblical question, did the large fish have a name?

If her imaginary god asked her to, would she suck Isaac's dick ?

I wonder if Adam and Jonah and Isaac are circumcised? . Do they indeed have a covenant (Genesis 17) with the god creature? All of them could have been circumcised by this guy since he makes himself look old enough to be a relative to Noah.

In my humble opinion, Adam should be accused of engaging in deviant sexual intercourse with a person incapable of consent by reason of being mentally defective.

Note no mention of his wife's name.

Note no mention of her husband's name.

Governor's Council Questionaire


Stark earned her undergraduate degree from Northeastern University, graduating cum laude in 1995. She was awarded a J.D., in 2000, from Northeastern University.


2013-Present: Associate justice, Marlborough District Court
2007-2013: Office of the Attorney General, Massachusetts
2012-2013: Chief, Business and Labor Bureau
2007-2012: Chief, Policy and Government Division/Executive Bureau
2007: Chief, Senior policy advisor/Assistant attorney general
2003-2007: Office of the Middlesex County District Attorney
2005-2007: Supervising assistant district attorney
2003-2005: Assistant district attorney
2001-2003: Attorney, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo P.C.
2000-2001: Law clerk, Massachusetts Superior Court

Awards and associations

Member, Massachusetts Bar Association
Member, Boston Bar Association
Member, Women's Bar Association
Member, The Independent Jewish Community

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