John Deluca is one of several magistrates working at the South Middlesex courthouse on Concord St, Framingham. He is legally blind and has never read the US Constitution.

On September 21, 2015, at the Middlesex Framingham courthouse, I went thru the process in filling out 10 complicated criminal complaint forms against 10 Framingham police officers on charges of MGL-265-26 (kidnapping), MGL-266-120 (trespassing) and MGL-265-35 (violation of my civil rights). These charges stem from the August 19, 2015 when 9 Framingham police officers kidnapped two children in my care from my yard, without so much as a warrant, and stole a cell phone from me, that has yet to be returned. This raid was coordinated by Framingham's police chief Ken Ferguson.

When I tried to submit them to the court, via assistant magistrate Ronald Petralia and also via our blind clerk of courts, John Deluca, both court officials refused to take my forms. Basically, I was denied a probable cause hearing.

In past events, John Deluca had exhibited his strong judicial bias against anyone filing charges against any police officer. Given that he can no longer read due to progressive blindness, one has to ask why he continues to be employed by the court. Ever heard of retirement?

The courts protect police officers by refusing to accept any charges filed against them.

Now, I have to resort to filing criminal charges MGL-268-13B (Intimidation of witnesses, jurors and persons furnishing information in connection with criminal proceedings), and MGL 265-37 (Violation of Constitutional Rights) against any and all court officials until they accept my charges.

One wonders if the person in charge of that courthouse, first justice, David W. Cunis is aware of this corruption in his court.

This morning, I filled out 11 criminal complaint forms at the district court at 600 Concord Street tried to file those 11 criminal complaints against 10 Framingham police officers and 1 DCF employee, with the court.

Two clerk magistrates, Ronald Petralia (who read the cover page to one) and John Deluca adamantly refused to even take them. Deluca, who cannot read because he is almost completely blind, stated that these do not belong here because they are felonies or federal charges.

The charges (given no warrant was issued) are



Violations of Civil Rights

They look pretty much like state laws to me.

So why would the court offer me 11 forms for Criminal Complaints

forms for Criminal Complaints

and then not accept them from me. Clearly, these two magistrates are extremely biased against them.

There is deliberate obstruction of justice going on here.

Revised complaint standards

John Deluca has shown me clear judicial bias and would never under any circumstances allow a criminal complaint against a police officer to go forward, even if I were shot in the back ten times.

The notion that John Deluca cannot even read anymore is a testament to the total corruption and sheer stupidity of the Framingham courts. He should retire right away. What next, having employees who cannot talk?

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