As a species, we all have biases built in to us and learned over time. Members of the Massachusetts Judiciary are not excluded from these biases. The difference is that they supposedly dish out justice (or so they claim).

It seems to me, that they should articulate their personal biases to the defendant in case the defendant is one of their biases.

It is my belief that one of the biggest biases in our society is religion.

Religious Bias

In the interest of fairness, justice and being impartial, it should be required that the judge state his/her religion to each and every defendant. The judges make every effort to hide their religion because they know their religion is absolute bullshit and don't want to be laughed at. They are supposed to recuse themselves if they see a conflict. If they know that the defendant is an atheist and they oppose atheism, they should recuse themselves in the interest of justice, but since they hide their religion, how do we know that they should recuse themselves.

Judges who went to religious law schools like Boston College Law School whose motto is Find All Things in God might seem suspicious. Also Catholic University Of America (Columbus Law School).

Racial Biases

We all know for a fact at this point that blacks and latinos are disproportionately sent to prison by the judiciary. This is a racial bias that is unspoken. The judges, DAs and media may claim that blacks and latinos commit more crimes, but they never, ever tell you that the judges, DAs and media are mostly lily-white. I'm talking Extra-Strength Tide White, with token black spots.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Bias

We know that as men or women, we have certain biases against those not of our gender or sexual orientation. Again, the judges should recuse themselves when they know something about the defendants that they do not like, just like jurors are eliminated if they know the defendants personally. Gay/lesbian judges should be required to state their sexual orientation/preferences before every defendant.

A judge who went to an all male or all female college might seem suspicious in this category..

Political Biases

For politically active and well known bloggers who stand before a judge, the judge should state what their personal opinion of the blogger so that the defendant can perhaps request a new judge.

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