1. If the penalty for committing a crime against a public official is greater than normal, then the penalty for a judge or DA who commits a crime should also be greater than normal. No double standards.

  2. Each judge and DA should have a picture of him/her on a public web site, simply because the concerted effort by judges and DAs to retain their anonymity enables and facilitates aggressive behaviour.

  3. All judges and DAs should be required to clearly identify themselves when asked to do so. They are after all, public servants. They should not be trying to pretend to be our masters.

    Failure to identify themselves should have a substantial penalty attached to it, such as one week of unpaid leave.

    I would suggest that every judge and DA have business cards to hand out.

  4. Judges and DAs should be routinely tested for drug/alcohol usage (on a monthly basis).

  5. The court should keep a log of judges coming in and out to do their alleged job as a judge. This log should be online and publicly accessible.

  6. The public has a right to know how many complaints have been filed against any judge and DA. Such a record of complaints should be an online public record.

  7. Each year, each courthouse should publish a list of complaints against any judge or DA, including date/time and nature of the complaint and place this online for the public to see.

  8. All computers and smart phones used by judges and DAs should be checked monthly for pornography of any kind. Since judges deal with people for child pornography, they can easily copy such pornography for their own purposes. Judges and DAs are not saints and they are corrupted by power. Perhaps we do have pedophophiles within their ranks.

  9. The finances of judges and DAs should be audited once a year to determine if any sudden outside income has surfaced. The income has to be legitimate and not stolen from a drug bust or others arrests.

  10. Judges and DAs should not be able to exercise any greater privacy rights than any other individual. Being a member of the judiciary do not give you any extra rights.

  11. Judges and DAs are known, on occasion, to encourage citizens to cooperate if they have nothing to hide. No less should be expected of judges and DAs,

  12. Every judge, DA, court official and every single prison employee at any level should be forced to endure solitarity confinement for a month before being allowed to have their jobs.

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