Robert V. Greco
15 Pilgrim Rd
Belmont, MA 02478
Date of birth: 06/29/1944
Mandatory retirement on June 29, 2014
Place of birth: Portsmouth, NH

Judge Robert V. Greco has now resigned due to age, but he was the chief judge (the big Kahuna, First Justice) of the Framingham District Court.

Died May 22, 2015 of a stroke (lack of purpose in life).

Framingham District Court
600 Concord Street
P.O. Box 1969
Framingham, MA 01701

Framingham District Court First Justice
University: Princeton University, A.B. ( Artium Baccalaureatus ) B.A., 1966
Law School: Boston College Law School , J.D., 1969

Admitted: 1969
ISLN: 906915330


Before becoming a member of the bench in 1985, Judge Greco was Executive Director and General Counsel of the State Ethics Commission. From 1974 to 1980, he served in the Criminal Bureau of the Attorney General's Office. Previously, he was with the Massachusetts Defenders Committee for three years. Judge Greco taught on the adjunct faculty of the New England School of Law and Boston University Law School, and served as chairperson of the Committee on Judicial Ethics.



Title First Justice
District Court
Appellate Division, Northern District

Year of Appointment/Governor

Prior Judicial Offices (Dates):

Prior Public Service

Prior Professional Employment Massachusetts Defenders Committee (1971 - 1974) Criminal Bureau, Attorney General's Office (1974 - 1980) General Counsel and Executive Director, State Ethics Commission (1980 - 1985)

Civic Activities: Member, Board of Directors, Boston Latin School Association
Professional Organization
Publications: Greco, et al., Massachusetts Civil Practice: Pretrial (1997),
Lawyers Cooperative, American Inns of Court Series

Judicial Branch Committees and Activities:
Associate Justice, Appellate Division, Northern District
Chairperson, Committee on Judicial Ethics
Practice Pointers for Lawyers Appearing Before You: Avoid memoranda filled with boilerplate (better to zero in on precise issue and cite a few relevant cases).

(508) 620-9110; Fax: (508) 620-9118;
Presiding Justice, District Court,
Appellate Division, Northern District
Edward W. Brooke Courthouse, 1st Floor,
24 New Chardon St., Boston 02114
(617) 788-8810
Year of Current Appointment: 1985 by Gov. Michael S. Dukakis

Previous Legal Employment: (1971-74) Mass. Defenders
Committee; (1974-80) Criminal Bureau, Attorney
General's Office; (1980-85) General Counsel and
Executive Director, State Ethics Commission
Teaching Positions: (1975-2004) Adjunct Faculty,
New England School of Law; (2005) Adjunct Faculty, Boston
University Law School
Other Positions: (1969-70) VISTA Volunteer

Robert V Greco attended Boston College Law School which was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1863 and whose tradition is find God in all things

On April 14, 2014, Greco attended a prayer breakfast that promotes diversity. I'm pretty certain that he talks to god. If god talks back, we have a schizophrenic judge. And how might he know that it's god and not just some big invisible turtle in the sky, or Satan. Inquiring minds want to know.

Here's a bit of diversity for you Robert.
You like diversity!

                                                       65 Delmar Avenue
                                                       Framingham, MA 01701
                                                       July 10,, 2013

        Framingham District Court
        600 Concord Street
        P.O. Box 1969
        Framingham, MA 01701
        Attn: Judge Robert V Greco

        Dear sir,

        I am writing to you concerning the injustice that you helped 
        perpetrate on me by assigning my case to your cohort, David W. 

        My complaint is documented on the web at:


        The buttons on top expand to other web pages.

        I include a printed copy of the main complaint.  I ask that you 
        take less than 30 minutes to read it and enjoy it.  It contains
        tales of perjury, arrogance, stupidity and other human traits.

        If the complainant states clearly that I had allegedly damaged her 
        car and the DA acknowledges her statement, and the judge belatedly
        states he had seen no damage on the car, then someone lied.  In
        fact, all four of them lied.  The judge, David W. Cunis convicted
        me but later recanted his visual observations, the DA, Jessica
        Hogan by claiming she had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that I 
        was guilty of felony vandalism, the police officer Robert F. Tibor
        by describing damage that was very different than the damage 
        claimed by the complainant, even if his testimony was all hearsay
        from the complainant, and finally the complainant lied since 
        it conflicts with the judge's recantations.

        I sincerely hope that as the First Judge of the Framingham 
        District Court and someone who has allegedly taught judicial ethics,
        you will closely examine my complaint and one of these days, 
        someone might actually ask the complainant about her car door
        and examine it closely.  By the way I have plenty of closeup pictures
        of her door should you wish to examine evidence.  Cunis, Hogan
        and Tibor  did not seem interested.  Cunis made the extraordinary
        claim that dents in car doors heal themselves (11/16/2012), and
        I hope you can provide me with evidence of such peculiar behaviour
        in sheet metal.

        Perjury is considered a serious offense as it can be used to
        usurp the power of the courts, resulting in miscarriages of 
        justice.  That would be your court, sir.

        There was the hilarious restitution paper (damage assessment
        report, as I call it) that no one asked any questions about because
        it might have been embarassing to do so, given the police report.

        The "piece de resistance" however, was judge Cunis's remarkable 
        statement about the alleged damage after we had seen the door, and
        I was questioning officer Tibor.  That's a keeper for all times.
        It's even more absurd given his recantations.

        The question I would most like answered is:  When did Cunis 
        realize he had not seen any damage on the door?  When he examined
        the door (10/05/2012), or just after I got out of prison 

        I realize that you will be forced to resign in less than a year 
        but your response to my complaint will be part of your legacy 
        in your retirement.

                                                       Sincerely yours,

                                                        Harold J. Wolfe


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