On December 5, 2013, I attended a supposedly informational meeting on scams being run on seniors. This meeting which started at 0945 was set up by the Middlesex DA's office. The DA herself, Marian T. Ryan waltzed in at 1010 wearing cheap perfume, 3 inch heels, a dress above her knees and reams of fake plastic pearls around her wrinkly throat. She had a loud obnoxious voice that sounded like the Queen Mary's horn leaving port.

Other attendees were our state rep, Chris Walsh and our worthless new but old police chief, Ken Ferguson and other lesser local dignitaries who were of no value. There were 13 attendees and 7 including presenters and Callahan Senior Center staff. The DA's office wasted a fortune on a fancy folder that contained nothing terrifyingly useful.

A scam might be described as an attempt to money ahead of time for a service to be performed in the near future. An alternative is to pay for a service that cannot be delivered. The goal of the scam artist is to get you to part with your money before any promised service is performed. This is very similar to what government does all the time with taxes.

Seniors are vulnerable to scams because they are becoming brain dead as they age, but it turns out that Chris Walsh, Ken Ferguson and Marian T. Ryan are already brain dead because they could not, cannot, and will never identify the biggest scam being run on seniors, and that scam is religion. These three pinheads do not consider religion to be a scam so they must believe it's real.

I'm certain that if their offices were attacked by any brain eating ameobas, the poor ameobas would starve to death.

Each year, Framingham churches take in several million dollars in tything or contributions and they keep promising that such payments will get you into an imaginary place called heaven. I'm waiting for our three twits to show me evidence of such a place and who exactly has moved in recently. In addition, the churches pay no taxes.

These individuals have no legitimate authority or knowledge to lecture us on scams since they could not identify one even if it bit their big old white wrinkly asses.

The next biggest scam is the Framingham police when its five unions grovel for money to do good deeds despite the fact that they are the highest earners in town by a long shot. You would think that the police officers could contribute a lot of money to their own union activities. Talk about really obnoxious idiots.

Their failure to enforce immigration laws constitutes a dereliction of duty and a systemic failure of government to do its job after we pay our taxes.

The same level of dereliction of duty can be found with the Middlesex Da's office on the topic of illegal immigration. Their response is that it's not our job. Bullshit.

Keeping Seniors Safe in Framingham Dec. 5 November 25, 2013
Staff Metrowest Daily News
FRAMINGHAM -- Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan , Police Chief Ken Ferguson and other experts will meet with seniors on Dec. 5 to share tips on avoiding scams and abuse. The program, Keeping Seniors Safe: A Senior Protection Seminar starts at 9:30 a.m. at the Callahan Senior Center, 535 Union Ave.

The discussion will include safe banking practices, how seniors can safely remain in their homes and how to avoid lottery and other scams targeting the elderly.

To register and for more information, call the Callahan Center at 508-532-5980.

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