1. The Big Stash Of Dumb Ass Laws

  2. No alcohol to hospital patients

  3. Adultery is prohibited

  4. No fornicating

  5. Advertising relative to miscarriage or prevention of pregnancy

  6. Instruments or other articles for self-abuse, prevention of conception or abortion, in general

  7. Furnishing drugs, articles or information for prevention of pregnancy or conception

  8. Blasphemy

  9. Crime Against Nature

  10. Unnatural and lascivious acts
  11. Disturbance of assembly for worship

  12. No alcohol allowed in candy

  13. Restrictions on Firearms

  14. Driving cattle on public ways

  15. No public boxing

  16. No mules on second floor or higher except in cities

  17. No selling of rabbits, chickens, or ducklings younger than two months

  18. No use of stilts in construction work

  19. So help me God oath 1

  20. So help me God oath 2

  21. So help you God (oath to jurors)

  22. So help you God (oath to grand jurors)

  23. So help you God (Oath of office for attorneys, officers of judicial courts)

  24. Oath for non-christians and atheists

  25. Religious services rights in prisons

  26. Property Tax Exemptions

  27. For God and Country Plaques

  28. Powers and duties (on the Lord's day)

  29. Flag: penalty for misuse

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