Commission on Judicial Conduct motto (part of it)

The Commission has the responsibility of preserving both judicial independence and public accountability. By providing a fair and reasonable process to address judicial misconduct and disability, the Commission serves to maintain the public's confidence in the integrity of the judicial system.

We the taxpayers shelled out $592,597 in 2014 (expense item 0321-0001) for these do nothing idiots who maintain the corruption of the courts.

To say that there is judicial oversight within the Massachusetts judiciary is nonsense. The CJC is very much like any police department's internal investigation unit. It's primary purpose is to protect it's own corrupt little mosquito infested swamp.

The CJC did not address my point about the religion of the judge, because it's members may be predominantly Catholic and they support the Catholic church's support of bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, violence, pedophelia and sheer ignorance

If officer Paul Duncan can get away with point blank murder of Eurie Stamps , then there is no oversight.

The CJC probably uses most of its budget to pay themselves and print its annual report. Their site says all sorts of nice things about itself but they don't really conduct any investigations on judicial conduct. They do give themselves nice titles though. I'm surprised none of the titles are Lord Of The Realm.

I suspect that they are all wanna be judges or former judges who will under any and all circumstances protect their own swamp, just like the police do.

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