Recomendations to improve the accountability of the Framingham court system

  1. Every court employee should have a large clearly readable badge with their picture, their name and their employee number. This removes some of their power of anonymity that enables and facilitates aggressive behaviour.

  2. Each court official (all employees who work within the court building) should have a picture of him/her on a public web site along with their home addresses, email, telephone number and religious preference, simply because the concerted effort by these court officials to retain their anonymity enables and facilitates aggressive behaviour.

  3. All court employees, judges and DA should be routinely tested for drug/alcohol usage (on a monthly basis).

  4. The financial records of court employees, judges and DA's should be checked once a year for any abberations indicating possible corruption in the War on Drugs.

  5. All court officers, judges and DAs should be required to clearly identify themselves when asked to do so. They are after all, public servants. They should not be trying to pretend to be our masters.

    Failure to identify themselves should have a substantial penalty attached to it, such as one week of unpaid leave.

    I would suggest that every employee have business cards to hand out.

  6. Every judge, in every jury trial should inform the jury of jury nullification . Every jury should be required to watch a video on jury nullification .

  7. The public should be able to view a camera pointed at the judge's face during a bench/jury trial. Facial expressions of judge's would tell us a lot about what they consider justice. Perhaps, with luck, we can catch one masturbating while listening to evidence.

  8. Every prospective judge and DA should be required to spend one month in prison (including 5 days in solitary confinement) so that they clearly and unambiguously understand what they are doing in their roles. Is it too much to ask those who make the product to test drive what they are producing.

  9. The computers used by DAs, judges and court officers should be audited four times each year for the possible presence of child pornography. After all, they have access to child pornography in handling their cases.

  10. If the penalty for committing a crime against any court official is greater than normal, then the penalty for a court official who commits a crime should also be greater than normal. No double standards.

  11. The public has a right to know how many complaints have been filed against any court employee including judges, DAs and court officers. Such a record of complaints should be a public record.

  12. The output of court video cameras should be retained for one month or longer if space permits. It should be easy for a member of the public to acquire such video for a specific time period.

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