Judge David W. Cunis is described as a devout orthodox catholic by his friend Domenico Bettinelli on this web page:


This page has been purged since David W. Cunis learned of my judicial complaint but I saved an image.

Domenico Bettinelli works for the Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of Boston. Yup! He's in bed with the evil church. Check out his blog and see how he is all catholic.

On March 16, 2013, I ran a site check on http://www.bettnet.com by typing the following command on Google. It looks for key words cunis on that specific web site.

site:http://www.bettnet.com/ cunis

Here is an image of the results:

The following pages now all return a HTML error 404 (page not found)


Around March 1, 2013, I had sent my judicial complaint printout to several lawyers and one of these lawyers got it back to David W. Cunis.

It seems that David W. Cunis is busy deleting all evidence of his devout orthodox catholic footprints on the web. I saved one page of the announcement made by his buddy Domenico Bettinelli I can only guess David W. Cunis is embarassed to be a devout orthodox catholic.

Too late, David! You are now officially a devout orthodox catholic whether you want to be or not.

I found a copy of this page on the Wayback Machine where what has been seen, cannot be unseen!.

on this page, near the end of the page .

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