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This is a motion to the court to reconsider my motion to dismisss the last remaining charge of tresspassing (MGL 266 Sec 120), based on new information from the Framingham Engineering Department.

It is a deed from 2001 between Shoppers World and Massport (an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) tranfering the ownership of Burr Street Extension (the road I was arrested on). from Shoppers World to Massport.

The police report states very clearly that I was on a private way owned by Shoppers World and the arresting officer refers to a sign owned by Shoppers World but the sign is not on Shoppers World's property.

The following is deed showing that this private way was transfered to Massport in 2001.

Massport is an agency of the Commonwealth, I was standing on state (publicly) owned property.

The road was built by Shoppers world for public egress, including sidewalks that were to be built, but only the curbs and the guardrail were put in place before the transfer took place.

Please note that on the first two pages of the deed, I copied the the business card of the Senior Surveyor within Framingham's Engineering Department (Bruce K. Kinsman - 508-532-6038).

It has always been my belief that it was the responsibility of the Middlesex DA's office to have determined whether I was on private or public land to begin with, but they apparently have no interest whatsoever in something called justice.

Perhaps Batool Raza's complete lack of empathy, her complete lack of motivation and energy plays a role. Perhaps, the fact that Batool Raza is a muslim and I am a public atheist plays a role here behind the laws. One can not be sure.

It has been my observation that the Middlesex DA's office also has no interest if the police falsify their reports with unsubstantiated charges, and the Middlesex DA's office will sustain such charges until such time that a defendant tells them to their face that they do not have any evidence to sustain the charge.

In this case, the prostitution (persecution, prosecution) can finally rest.

If the charge of trespassing against me is not dropped, I believe we enter the realm of malicious prosecution by the court and the Middlesex DA's office.

These are my personal observations of the judicial system in Massachusetts.

A further observation is that the Framingham police should really hire people with higher IQ's than those of the arresting officer, Sergeant Michael Esposito.

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