The only time animal sex becomes pornography is when a human is involved in the melee.

Synonyms for fucking:

bang, bonk, copulate, do, fornicate, get it on, hump, know, lay, make love to, mate, procreate, schtup, score, screw, shag, and sleep with

Otherwise, we accept animal sex routinely in our lives, whether we ask for it or not. I do not find it offensive simply because it is nature in reality.

Bears, bobcats and bonobos banging,
bats, bull frogs, bulldogs and birds bonking,
crocodiles, crows, cats, coyotes and chipmunks copulating,
dogs, donkeys, dingos and deers doing it,
foxes, ferrets and flamingos fornicating,
flies, fruit bats, falcons and frogs fucking,
gerbils, geckos, gophers, gorillas, giraffes and goats getting it on,
humans, herons, hyenas, hedgehogs, horses and hippos humping
kangaroos and koalas knowing each other,
lizards, leopards, lobsters and lemurs laying,
manatees, moray eels, mice and moose mating,
monkeys, mules, mongoose and meerkats making love,
pigs, pigeons, possums, porcupines and platypuses procreating,
skunks, scorpions, shrimp, sharks and sheep shagging,
sparrows, squids, seals, sea horses and swans screwing
snakes, sea otters, sparrows, slugs and squids scoring,
snow leopards, starfish and stingrays sleeping

Beastiality is human/animal sex and is considered unlawful, but animal/animal sex is perfectly legal. Strange. Sounds like religion. On a side note, I consider any woman over 350 pounds to be a beast.

If you find this video [ Thanks, Smokey ] offensive, you are sexually repressed through your stupid religion .

Why does the legal system specifically differentiate between animals and humans? Only in religion can you see this dichotomy.

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