The police (with small lizard brains) sometimes suggest that a high percentage of sex offenders are found to have used pornography.

This is as as meaningful as saying that a high percentage of sex offenders have used table salt. Perhaps what the police should say is that a high percentage of sex offenders don't masturbate enough and should be encouraged to do so. Perhaps they should be provided with good quality free vibrators and instructions on how to use them.

A decrease in the consumption of pornography through censorship was not correlated with a decrease in rape rates. States with less internet access have higher rape rates than the states with more internet access.

In reviewing the relation of aggression to sexual assault, we should conclude it is time to discard the hypothesis that pornography contributes to increased sexual assault behaviour, and may actually provide a catharsis to alleviate aggression.

Investigators found that rapists were more than likely than non-rapists in the prison population to have been punished for looking at pornography while a youngster (the Forbidden Fruit issue).

Such was by no means common among the rest of the prison population. In fact, as reported, non-rapists had seen more pornography, and had seen it at an earlier age. Investigators found that what does correlate highly with sex offense is a strict repressive religious upbringing. Green too reported that both rapists and child molesters use less pornography than a control group of normal males. (Goldstein and Kant, 1973).

This issue of pornography extends itself to child pornography in my opinion. The police/DAs and judges all claim that those who view child pornography are likely to have deviant contact with children. This is merely an assertion that they make without any evidence whatsoever.

This kind of bullshit from the judiciary smells an awful like religious bullshit.

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