Debra Ann Natale
Lesley University (pricey $$): Psychology
53 Huntington ave, Marlboro, MA, 1752

Questions for DCF: Debra Hoyte: 857-366-8079

20210922 1530-1534 white car MA: 1AYC97, white Nissan Altima

A mandated reporter filed a report on Lucien Perce. The initial complaint was about Lucien taking Nyquil too much, but given the very nature of DCF, it morphed into a complaint about whether I am sexually abusing an 12 year old.

No one is permitted to see who filed a complaint.

I would like a copy of that report.

  1. the full identity of that mandated reporter.
  2. his affiliations to DCF and the Framingham police
  3. did my name show up on that report

If my name was not on that report, why was it even mentioned?

Where does your extremely prejudicial vindictive attitude come from?

  1. When were you vaccinated for Covid-19?
  2. Which vaccine?
  3. What is your religion? <---- most important
  4. Are you married (to a man)?
  5. Do you have any children
  6. Have you adopted any children?
  7. Are you a lesbian?
  8. What city/town do you live in?
  9. How much do you weigh?
  10. How old are you?
  11. Did you graduate high school?
  12. Any college work, and in what major/minor?
  13. What is your current salary?
  14. Do you know Lisa Marcheterre?
  15. How long have you known Lisa Marcheterre?
  16. Did you read the entirety of Lisa's affidavit to Gloria Tan?
  17. Did Lisa discuss it with you?
  18. Do you know anyone in the Framingham police?
  19. Do you know anyone in the Framingham district courts?
  20. Do you suffer from any mental illness, or do you enjoy it?
  21. Do you use marijuana?
  22. Are you familiar with the US Constitution? How familiar?
  23. Judge Gloria Tan told Lisa that the case against me six years ago was "dismissed with prejudice".
  24. What does "dismissed with prejudice" mean?

You mentioned to Ernest, Lucien's father that you consider me dangerous to Lucien.

Based on what evidence do you bring this unwarranted vindictive prejudicial bureaucratic hatred of me?

Explain in detail, please

You apparently know nothing about our relationship, nor do you care?

By starting this investigation, whatever its called, you've clearly and unambiguously given greater credence to the child, 12 year old Lucien over the opinions of his parents.

Lucien has clearly told you in clear concise english that he does not consider me a threat, but you persist in your attempts to kidnap someone. Kidnapping (revenues) is kind of explicit in the way DCF was formed.

Be aware that DCF tramautized him many years ago. He may not take kindly to you.

Lucien has a phone. If you call him , DCF will be recorded. If you are concerned about being recorded, you should consider a more honorable way or a less dishonorable way of making a living.

Later, you might inquire whether I am endangered by him.

You have an ulterior motive for all your actions.

Your a dishonest lying woman. A bitch!

DCF letter 20210922

On Tuesday, October 12, Lucien was brought into the vice-principal (Butch)
because some unknown person overheard him talking about guns....

Another student asked Lucien if he had any weapons.
Lucien replied, "like a gun? No!
Lucien stated that he had the money to buy a gun.

His mother and I talked to vice-principal Butch who wanted his mother
to search his backpack in the office. There was another feminist in
the office with us.

On Thursday, October 14, Lucien was pulled from the Framingham schools by his father.

DCF Letter 20211101

I can imagine that a woman like Debra Hoyte might have remained unemployed until she decided to join a Kid$4Ca$h operation like DCF, the beginning of our incredibly mean, malicious and vindictive Criminal Justice Gulag

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