DCF serves 90,000 clients and has 8,000 children in custody (kiddie jail). Last year, 184 children were abused within DCF custody.

DCF's target demographics consist of children between the ages of 0 - 14 years of age (probably mostly colored or latino).

Your tax dollars at work. DCF steals children for profit. One has to merely examine the annual DCF budget chart against a chart of children in temporary or permanent DCF custody. One for one! Kid$ For Ca$h. Human trafficking of juveniles.

Trafficking is the reception, recruitment, transport, transfer, concealment, or harbouring of any person for the purposes of exploitation. It does not have to involve crossing international borders at all, and most of the trafficking cases are domestic,

By default, all DCF operations are shielded under the Juvenile court. Any and all rulings made jointly by DCF and Juvenile Court are closed to the public, so DCF tends to run amok knowing its shielded. Ask Judge Gloria Tan who gets paid $160,000 a year and is never held accountable for her stupid actions.

DCF is merely the beginning of the larger scale MCI gulag in Massachusetts.

DCF lives and thrives over the mere allegations of neglect and abuse. Neglect and abuse are subjective terms that can be interpreted in many ways. The general DCF view is that if a child cannot be proven to be in a radiant state of well-being, he is being neglected or abused. Then there are terms like: inappropriate touching. Using proper DCF terminology, anyone can be made to look like a monster.

There is a bottomless potential today, in any claim of child sex abuse, however lacking in credibility, however cynically deployed. (Think Salem witch trials).

They use minor incidents and trivial behaviour as a reason to kidnap children to enhance their revenues. This makes it a Kid$ For Ca$h program.

DCF (D)estroying (C)hildren and (F)amilies

When the Massachusetts legislature came up with the concept of mandated reporters in child protection, they established a large network of informants, spies, stoolies and snitches across the state. This includes most government employees. The East German secret police, the Stasi employed thousands of such informants, spies, stoolies and snitches.

Every call from anyone, especially mandated reporters, increases the opportunity to kidnap a child and enhance departmental revenues and enhance their apprehension rates as they learn to circumvent the U.S. Constitution.

Penalties for failing to inform authorities of the factors they consider suspicious brings with it a fine and up to a year in jail.

Imposing criminal liability for failure to report is likely to encourage reporting despite the damage this may inflict on the institution's reputation.

DCF may also use previous victims to snitch on potential new victims. For instance, I have a DCF snitch in David Anderson in my neighborhood. He has filed four reports on the children staying with me. He is most likely strongly tied to the Framingham police.

If you ever choose to talk to DCF in any way, record what they say. If they do not permit you to record, do not talk to them.

DCF does not allow recording of their meetings because they are terrified of what they might say in their arrogance, and be held liable.

Any and all conversations between DCF and children must be audio/video recorded. After all, DCF has nothing to hide.

They have a lot to hide.

Never allow DCF investigators into your home unless they come with a signed warrant and one of those police officers who is hankering for target practice..

Any abnormality in your home can be used against you, such as sink with dishes in it, an unmade bed, an unswept floor or a dirty bathtub, your child looks pale, your child is too fat, blah! blah!. You'll get a long list of neglects from DCF.

DCF will ask about your children's diets. They accused me of feeding the kids too much macaroni and cheese.

I'd love to see the homes of DCF investigators and any debauchery that may occur in these homes, especially the sex type debauchery. How many vibrators or dildos are in the house.

My first observation of DCF is that it is like Alice In Wonderland. Nothing seens rational, nothing is what it should be. The DCF employees think they are doing God's work but they are really destroying children and families (DCF = Destroying Children and Families). Very trivial charges against you allow these monsters to steal your children from you.

Before the children are kidnapped to protect them from their alleged abusers, they are free to come and go and communicate with parents, friends, relatives. Once held in captivity, by the ever benevolent DCF gulag for children, they are immediately shut off from the world. The children are isolated and not allowed to communicate with their parents, guardians or friends.

Interestingly enough, when the children are kidnapped, they have only what they are wearing. All personal possessions and clothing are left behind. Nobody seems to want all their worldly possession. I'm sure the kids are thrilled at losing every material thing in their miserably short lives.

Their location may change from day to day to assure that level of what DCF calls privacy. Like moving a small prisoner from cell to cell.

Once the children are kidnapped by DCF, DCF goes into high gear to program the children in the interests of DCF. If they were taken from you, you become the ugly troll to the children. DCF makes no attempt to have the child contact the parents until their programming of the kids is over.

No one ever, ever hears anything positive from DCF. It seems that every single statement made by DCF is on negative minutae. Accentuating the positive in a families life would simply put DCF out of business.

DCF kind of reminds me of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (POV POV) in Saudi Arabia.

The Department of Children and Families is charged with kidnapping children to enhance departmental revenues and employment. DCF has hired 550 new employees to bolster it's kidnapping capabilities in 2014. It's a strict Kid$ For Ca$h program like the one that was well documented in Wilkes-Barre, PA in 2013-2014 Kid$ For Ca$h prison scam.

Merely examine the growth of DCF's budget alongside a graph of children in temporary or permanent custody.

In all too many DCF cases, a child could be passed to willing relatives, but I suspect that DCF case workers find that DCF parents are way superior in all respect (like producing more departmental revenues).

DCF has financial incentives to kidnap children. Each child in its care gets them extra funding, which is judiciously used to fund an expanding bureaucracy. Every dollar they get increases their apprehension rate.

I believe it was in the seventies that state/federal governments moved into the child kidnapping business to protect the interest of the child. It is ongoing metastasis of government. Human trafficking of juveniles. Kid$ for Ca$h!

DCF (Kid$ For Ca$h) is a government department that was created with a burning hunger that cannot be quenched. It thrives on the sheer number of children that can be placed under its care. Otherwise, it serves no purpose. DCF is also a motherlode of bad ideas in the sense that it takes control of the best interest of the child. Strangely enough, the child is never asked what is in their best interests. The criminal DCF lawyers determine what is in the best interest of the child, which strangely enough seems to be shelling more money out to lawyers. Some of these lawyers actually have children, as frightening as that thought is.

Children that are kidnapped are not given a choice as to where they should live since DCF knows what's best for the children. Far more so than the children's parents. The DCF thugs are super parents.

On a constitutional basis, the DCF related laws seem suspiciously unconstitutional based on the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause. Any laws that give any specific class of citizens more or less protection violates the Equal Protection Clause

When it comes to building bureaucratic empires, however, we find a different story. Under the profilerating child abuse laws, empire building has been a booming success. Using the public's goodwill and the halo that floats over those who dedicate their lives to helping the children, the child abuse industry has enjoyed years of exponential growth, virtually untroubled by any need to justify its methods.

Just like the courts (the judges in particular), the DCF acts in what is called the best interest of a child. It sounds good, but what does it mean?

Who gets to respond to the fundamental question in this business?

What is the best interest of the child?

Is the child even asked what is in his/her best interest in a public setting?

Not in the DCF world!

  • Is the child better with an atheist, a catholic, jew or a muslim?
  • Should the child be learning science and math or should he be playing basketball or football?
  • Should a child have an internet connected device or smart phone?
  • Should the child be making that decision? Are they mature enough?
  • Should the child be around loving parents who use (but do not abuse) recreational drugs, or should the child be around clean cut adults he does not know and who are not bonded to the child?
  • Should the child live with a black DCF parent or a white DCF parent?
  • Should the child live with a gay couple or heterosexual couple?
  • Should the child live with meat eaters or vegetarian?
  • Should the child get corporal punishment?

Parents know nothing. The criminals at DCF know everything.

It seems that DCF never ever asks the child as to what they want.

The main thrust of parenting education is that only experts know enough about children to raise them properly. Average citizens are just so totally incompetent and should meekly allow themselves at all times to be overruled by DCF experts. No religious authority can overrule parenting experts. God need not apply. It is indoctrination in dependence - the means of turning free North Americans into sheep.

Now, the child abuse industry wants to be enthroned as an international organization

DCF employees are for the most part totally anonymous cowards. You won't find any of their email addresses or pictures of them anywhere on the web. Strangely enough, you also won't find any emails or pictures of any members of crime syndicates.

I suspect that a disproportionate number of kids kidnapped by DCF are black and most of the alleged families used by DCF for their storage are also black. DCF is a government facility, and as we all know, governments use Affirmative Action , otherwise known to us as government sponsored discrimination, to hire the unhirable. Even DCF's chief is a black woman. I wonder who she sucked up to to get that cushy job as chief government kidnapper.

As such, white children become a premium commodity in the DCF system.

One wonders if you are high enough in the DCF ranks, whether one could run a child sex ring, exploiting the children.

DCF and the Middlesex District Attorney's office are constant telling us that child abuse is rampant and needs to be stopped. The two of them are merely self-licking ice cream cones who want more and more money to build their empires.

Never, ever vote for any politician that says he wants to do more for children. In fact, such politicians should be eliminated.

  1. Who are these modern saviours of children?

  2. Do they have the simplest qualifications of all - wonderful children of their own.

  3. Do they have a good working knowledge of normal family life? (Or does all their training center around children in institutional settings?)

  4. Do they have a clear definition of what is and what is not child abuse. And does their public definition match their private definition.

  5. Do they hold out realistic promises of a brighter future?

  6. Do they understand and respect the different life styles of the American people?

  7. Are they responsible with their power, using force only when absolutely necessary?

  8. And the most fundamental question of all, have their solutions worked?

DCF is based on vaguely written laws that may be interpreted in many ways. For instance, let us examine section (c) of MGL-51b-c

(c) If the department has reasonable cause to believe a child's health or safety is in immediate danger from abuse or neglect, the department shall take a child into immediate temporary custody if it has reasonable cause to believe that the removal is necessary to protect the child from abuse or neglect.

Now consider the meaning of the following words:

reasonable cause

immediate danger

abuse or neglect

While these cretins in DCF cry child abuse all the time, they permit circumcision . The Middlesex DA will claim it falls under religious freedom. Why isn't slavery under religious freedom.

Just a small reminder of their intense hypocrisy.

The most damaging part of a divorce is custody fights over the children. In the majority of divorce cases, the system fails children because decisions made are more about money then children.

Family court is supposed to acknowledge several Supreme Court decisions going back one hundred years that state that both parents have equal rights to the children as a fundamental constitutional right. Parents have a right to raise their children. The courts have to defer to their judgement unless it is found that their judgement is detrimental to the children.

This is where the best interest of the child kicks in. This is a broad set of guidelines that allow the courts to inspect every single minutiae (small, precise, or trivial details) of a family. Since there are no juries involved, the judge and prosecuting attorney determine the best interest of the child. It has something about getting more and more money from the parents...working the child for ransom booty.

DCF will position itself between the parents as a bargaining chip for the prize, the children. If there are no children, there is no need for DCF. DCF is a Kid$ For Ca$h operation in the sense that the more children they can report under their care, the more money they will get from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It would seem that the concept of DCF (it's main reason to be) is in conflict with the Equal Protection Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Why should children get more than equal protection?

In all, 64 children receiving services from various state agencies died in fiscal 2016. Another 68 died in fiscal 2015. The numbers marked significant hikes from previously available annual data.

A new bill known as HD 3366 An Act relative to Parental Consent has been submitted to the Massachusetts Legislature for the current legislative session. If passed, the law would prevent any school personnel from referring any student under the age of 18 to individuals or organizations outside of school without parental consent and would also require parents to provide prior written consent before their children could participate in research surveys, many of which ask sexually provocative and personally invasive questions.

In most cases of fondling, there is no way to prove either that fondling did or did not occur, and all a social worker needs to substantiate a sexual abuse charge is her suspicion that the abuse might have occured.

There exists in the British Museum a plaintive letter written on papyrus in A.D. 288, signed by Servaeus Africanus, addressed to the district governors of Middle Egypt and reading as follows:

It is apparent from the accounts alone that a number of persons wishing to batten on the estates of the Treasury have invented titles for themselves such as controllers, secretaries or superintendents, whereby they procure no advantage to the Treasury but swallow up the profits.

(Papyrus 752)

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Goverment programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!

The DCF bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding DCF bureaucracy.

The community will not accept the legitimacy of any institution which does not give priority to the safety and well being of the children for which it has responsibility.

Imposing criminal liability for failure to report is likely to encourage reporting despite the damage this may inflict on the institution's reputation.

The DCF buzzards like to pick on families in the process of divorce. In essence, DCF buzzards like to feed on dead families.

Nothing in the law protects you from a malicious accusation of child abuse.

Nothing in the law guarantees that an unmarried lesbian social worker fresh from college won't find your particular family's life style objectionable.

Children are being taken from their parents on the basis of rumors and suppositions - a telephone tip or unexplained bruise. They are placed in uncaring foster homes or institutions where they are often victimized by other children or adults.

Basic civil liberties are regularly violated in the course of investigations. Intervention often is based on an anonymous report phoned to a hotline. Warrantless searches are conducted... Children are removed from the home on the slightest pretext, including the parents refusal to cooperate with investigators.

A suspected murderer has more rights in this country than a parent charged with child abuse.

The child abuse industry is a growth industry and is in the process of replacing or coopting all traditional family and community support structures.

There are

  • state employees,
  • lawyers (lots of these),
  • court investigators,
  • guardian ad litems,
  • court personnel,
  • judges,
  • psychologists,
  • psychiatrists,
  • counselors,
  • caseworkers,
  • therapists,
  • social workers,
  • translators,
  • foster parents, and
  • adoptive parents

All are looking to the children in state custody to provide job security. Social workers who want to help families have been saddled with a crippling handicap. The problem is that their role has been redefined as coercive, forcing families to comply under threat of removal, instead of supportive, offering voluntary services. Today, social worker help is just another word for coercion. Let's stop calling force and harrassment, help. Quit sticking a machine gun up a family's ass by forcing families into therapy or extended counselling that the family must pay for.

Despite all the rhetoric about helping families, child protective services do not offer help. Once you are investigated, any services offered are compulsory. You must attend bureaucrat prescribed counseling sessions. You must pay whatever fees they demand. Any medical tests must be paid by the family.

This constitutes terrorism by the child protective services agencies .

A whole ideology of child advocacy developed based not on facts, but rumors, innuendos and assumptions, whose main point seems to be that children are always better off when their parents are replaced, either physically or legally, by government bureaucrats and their dependents. Every family is suspect. And the only cure for this crisis is to monitor, threaten, survery, harass and coerce all parents into surrendering their parental authority to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  1. Parents desire to keep their children conflicts with the children's best interests in even non-criminal cases.
    Children have no need for parents, and do not bond with them.
    As one state agent put it, To them, it's just another bed.

  2. Child advocates are infallible and unlike parents, always know what is best for a child.

  3. Child advocates are selfless beings who have no interests of their own.
    They act entirely out of altruistic love for children.

  4. If a child advocate thinks a child should be taken from his family, against the child's own protests, that is all right.

    Children's wishes never matter when they conflict with a child advocate's.

  5. If a parent thinks a child should remain in his family against the child's expressed rebellious behaviour, that is all wrong.

    Children's wishes always matter when they conflict with the parent's.

Many state laws define neglect as failure to provide rather than willfull failure to provide. This guarantees most children taken by state agencies will be black and poor.

Temporary separation is sometimes necessary to protect the child and give the parents time to cool off. Permanent separation is a last resort.

Permanent separation however is not a last resort, but the almost inevitable result once a child is taken into protective custody. Unless you get your child back immediately, you will probably never get him back at all.

Temporary separation, which most people think of as a day or two is usually more like 3 months or 3 years.

Child protection agencies all have a strong anti-family bias, since the family unit competes with the child protection agency for the children. Government hates competion.

Bye, Bye Baby: The Stealing of America's Children.

The amazing thing is that so far, the public hasn't reacted against this illegal gangsterism.

I was accused by DCF of grooming the children (presumably for sex) by buying them stuff like computers. Be nice to kids, and DCF makes inferences that your merely a sexual predator. All in all, I've spent $5,000 on the kids, but $20,000 on the parents, so I must be grooming the parents for sex.

Given this lengthy 27-point affidavit against me,it seems obvious that DCF (Kid$ For Ca$h) is spending enormous resources trying to groom the two boys for their capture and incarceration. We are talking over $100,000 in expenses for police, court,etc... And DCF is not finished with me. The younger the child represents a treasure trove of state funds for DCF.

There is this web site Victims of Crime that was probably developed by these child stealing folks in government.

Careful examination of this site makes you believe that sexual abuse is rampant, and it will remain like this as long as they wish to make monies. If I were in this business, this is the web site I would want to justify my rampant child stealing.

One wonders how many DCF folks have been sexually abused or have sexually abused. Hmmm?

DCF enjoys painting mostly males as sexual predators.

Sexual predators are clever, ruthless and patient. Predators look for the most vulnerable and exploit their victim's weaknesses and trust to eventually achieve their goal. This is how every would be father became a father. If you're male, and sexually active, you're a sexual predator. It's the one and only goal of life at all levels..

You can end up in prison because of how your child plays with an anatomically correct (size of testicles and penis emphasized) RaggedyAndy doll even if there is no actual evidence against you. Every state but Nebraska permits the conviction of a molester on the uncorroborated testimony of a child and this testimony can and does include a child's behaviour in a session with dolls. This means the state needs no evidence, no witnesses, no adult testimony, and not even verbal testimony by the child to convict a parent of sexual abuse. and in juvenile court, where the laws of due process do not apply, the only testimony the state needs is the caseworker's.

You can end up in prison because you took your child to a hospital for some problems and the child had bruises from falls at the playground. The doctor, as a mandated reporter, can ask questions (or not) and make a claim that the child has been physically abused.

In most cases of fondling, there is no way to prove either that fondling did or did not occur, and all a social worker needs to substantiate a sexual abuse charge is her suspicion that the abuse might have occured.

  1. A definition of child abuse that includes genuine crimes against children but does not allow the government elite to dictate what is permissible child rearing.

  2. No more anonymous accusers. This is pure unadulterated bullshit.

  3. If a child needs to be taken, it should be other family members that take it. Removal should never be considered unless there is demonstrable life threatening harm.

  4. Our current system of liability encourages social workers to take children needlessly. This is because social workers can be sued if a child dies who is left in the home, but not if he is taken wrongfully, except in unusual circumstances.

  5. The whole facade of psychological examinations and evaluation should be scrapped.

  6. Let the police be the police.

  7. Crimes against children should be prosecuted.

  1. How many employees in total for 2016?

  2. How many case investigators in 2016?

  3. How many case investigators have children of their own?

  4. How many black employees in 2016?

  5. How many white employees in 2016?

  6. How many male employees in 2016?

  7. How many female employees in 2016?

  8. How many LGBT employees in 2016?

  9. How many have a college degree in 2016?

  10. How many DCF investigators have children of their own?

  11. What is the religion of the investigator?

  12. How many children are in temporary custody (temporary separation) in 2016?

  13. How many children have been permanently taken from their parents (permanent separation) in 2016?

  14. How many foster parents are being used by DCF in 2016?

  15. How many foster parents have their own children in 2016?

  16. What is the screening process to hire foster parents?

    Is religion used as a screening process?

    Is there a copy online?

  17. Is there a scale for payments to foster parents depending on the age of the children taken?

    If DCF gets more money for a younger child versus an older child, doesn't this encourage the taking of younger children to bolster departmental revenues?.

    You'll find that DCF demonizes you thru the alleged things said by 5-8 year olds. These youngsters are very easy to verbally manipulate. It's like taking candy from a baby.

  18. If DCF gets more money for a special need$ child, doesn't this encourage the taking of special need$ children to bolster departmental revenue$?.

    Legalized child snatching pays very well in the United States. Special need$ children are popping up everywhere now that it's been discovered that it is possible to charge ten times as much for the care of these special need$ youngster$.

    I suspect many foster parents claim to provide for the needs and medical care for these special need$ children

    Recently, July 31,2020, Framingham's state senator passed a bill to grow the number of foster parents . This means that DCF can kidnap more kid$ to grow departmental revenues.

  19. In the near future I can visualize DCF hiring pregnant foster mothers who can breastfeed the children of those mothers deemed morally unfit by DCF to breastfeed their own infants.

  20. Children living in foster homes will need support, training and education in a wide range of life-management skills.

    To facilitate the cultivation of these skills, DCF might not provide services and treatment, depending upon the needs of each child, including a variety of educational services such as instruction in medication management, public transportation, socialization, money management, leisure skills, legal rights and responsibilities, selection, purchase and use of personal clothing and accessories, household chores and meal preparation, self preservation, personal hygiene, family relationships, and entitlement assistance.

If you talk to any DCF people, the first questions to ask is

  1. Are you married?
  2. do you have children?
  3. natural or adopted?
  4. how many children? and
  5. what ages?
This gives you a better perspective of their parental experience.

When DCF oversteps its bounds in arbitrarily and erroneously abducting children without due process, you cannot tell the victimized parents, not to take it personally, not to discuss it nor seek recourse because it's NOT a municipal matter but instead is a state or federal matter. That's supposed to make it better for them? What other recourse do they have if they cannot give vent in a discussion format, gain help from neighbors, others in the community and then ultimately, starting with their local reps? If one has a problem, especially of this magnitude, are they not usually first referred locally and then hopefully helped up through the chain of command to the federal level? (Unless the DCF has unconstitutional protections of which we are unaware... as if they were, communist Stasi in East Germany) Maybe that's what you meant, making them "off limits" or UNTOUCHABLE, unaccountable to anyone, answering to no one.

Throwaway Kids

Emerging science that suggests multiple foster care placements can actually harm a child's brain. Some kids are moved dozens of times - a few as many as 100 times - over several years. Foster children are diagnosed with PTSD at a rate greater than Iraq war veterans.

Foster children are failed in the classroom, the least successful of "special population groups" in high schools, including homeless students and those with disabilities. In Oregon alone, just 35 percent of foster kids earned a high school diploma in 2017 compared to more than 77 percent of their peers. As for college, fewer than 3 percent across the country will get a bachelor's degree.

More than 4,000 former foster care kids every year end up homeless after leaving the system, a conveyor belt that deposits some into sex trafficking and drug addiction. Within four years of aging out, the homeless number doubles in some parts of the country. One center for homeless youth in Indiana reported that nearly 70 percent of the young people it has served so far this year had spent time in foster care, a 36 percent increase over last year.

Completing the cycle, many come back into the state's care as adults, this time as inmates. Said one convicted murderer from Texas death row: "The state that neglected me as a kid and allowed me to age out of its support is the same state that wants to kill me."

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