Gloria Yenfun Tan
210 Woodcliff RD
Newton Highlands, MA 02461

Normally, this juvenile court judge would not be on my radar, but she mentioned my atheism in open court as though it was a negative value to children. An attorney asked her what that had to do with the case at all. Perhaps she can provide proof of her god, beyond a reasonable doubt. Until that happens, her credibility as an honorable human being is suspect.

I can only presume that she is a closet bat-shit crazy religious asian woman who loves to work with children. I wonder if she has a sexual preference. Boy children or girl children? In several articles I read, she seemed proud to be asian. Does she think she is superior because she is asian. I wonder what she thinks of me being proud to be white (cauc-asian).

How dare this bitch tell me which imaginary god to worship!

Gloria Yenfun Tan, 41 ( as of 2015) is the wife of Newton Ward 6 Alderman-at-Large Greg Schwartz and could serve as a judge for 31 years.

Judge Jay Blitzman, presiding justice of the Middlesex County Juvenile Court, said she will be a rising star in our court for years to come and added he already knows where he plans to place her in the court.

I presume that she would be under him.

Undergraduate degree: Rice University

J.D.: Yale Law School

2013-Present: Associate justice, Middlesex Division of the Massachusetts Juvenile Court

2001-2013: Deputy director, Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School

1999-2003: Attorney, Boston Trial Unit; Youth Advocacy Project

1998-1999: Committee for Public Counsel Services

Gloria Y. Tan,

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