Lisa N. Marcheterre   Lisa N. Marcheterre
28 Lawrence Street   Investigator
Clinton, MA 01510   Framingham DCF
978-733-1956   63 Fountain Strret
    Framingham, MA 01702

Lisa Marcheterre struck me to be a spawn of Shamu and Norman Bates. One has to ask how many children she may have eaten. This may explain the missing DCF children.

This may be a woman who came from the spawning grounds of Jabba The Hut and could not attract the interest of horny meth-induced professional rapists returning from a bout of binge drinking in Dorchester on a Friday night.

If anyone should be given some of the DCF neglects that DCF hands out like popcorn, this mannatee wannabe woman has totally neglected her body and is disgustingly obese. If she is married to a man, he should be charged with beastiality (Sasquatchian beast) . I wonder if the LIGO can sense her gravitational waves.

This woman can't even walk well because her knees have been ground into dust trying to hold up the estimated 350 pounds of adipocytes or pork tallow that is her body. She is beginning to show that waddling type walk because her thighs are so fat she has to get one ahead of the other.

She looks like she was designed to scare off children. Another escapee from the Center For The Large and Visually Unpleasant. In her defense, she makes a nice $80,000 a year salary, but it must really suck to be that ugly every damned day after day after day....

You should never allow a morbidly obese woman like her, with back boobs, to suck your dick. She looks way too hungry.

Perhaps with bariatric surgery, 150 lbs of liposuction, and some facial reconstruction, she could be a whole new smaller and somewhat more visually pleasant woman.

This 27 point affidavit pretty well shows DCF's relentless pursuit of me over two years. This constitutes criminal harrassment and a phenomenal waste of taxpayers monies. Clearly, Lisa is making a concerted effort to smear my name (under the color of law) at every turn. I wonder what the ulterior motive is? More children to eat?

Lisa prefers to keep these allegations against me as a secret mostly because they are heresay from mandated reporters who lie (i.e. police) The mandated reporter is never identified by first/last name, nor is the date of these events..

It does surprise me that the idiot juveneile court judge handling this would allow this bullshit to live in our judicial system.

The key terms for DCF (Kid$ For Ca$h) kidnappings (more revenues) is sexual abuse and neglect. In this particular affidavit, one can see the level of effort DCF makes to paint me, Harold J. Wolfe as a sexual abuser. The sexual abuse charges were dropped, but DCF re-inserts them and makes repeated attempts to reintroduce me as a sexual abuser.

This stems from my general criticism of the Framingham police, the courts, DCF, and the town. More to the point, I am dangerous because of my technical knowledge and my financial knowledge. Only a limited number of people can set up web sites and maintain them. In essence, freedom of the press is for those who have a press.

This is just a bit of the 27 point affidavit submitted to the idiot juveneile court judge

  • Item 7

    Taking nudie pictures of the boys. No date/time/location/recordings. Just hearsay from DCF.

  • Item 17

    Harold Wolfe would drink alcohol and smoke marijuana while he was primary care taker.

    Harold Wolfe was grooming the boys with gifts and de-sensitizing the boys by touching them.

    Once again, inferences by DCF without any evidence to support this claim. No names of mandated reporters (police officers) dates, location and what the gifts were. It seems illegal to educate the boys on computer usage.

    What a bunch of maroons.

  • Item 20

    I was supposedly teaching the boys about faggots and niggers.

    Once again, no names of mandated reporters (police officers), no dates, no locations, etc. Just statements by morons in the police department, I suspect.

  • Item 22

    I was allegedly spanking the boys or patting them on the butt.

    Once again, no names of mandated reporters (police officers), no dates, no locations, no evidence, just inferences, hearsay, etc.

  • Item 26

    The boys are supposedly in required treatment for sexual abuse.

    Here is a case where DCF forces this treatment on the parents, thus giving further credence that they might have been sexually abused.

  • Item 27

    A mandated reporter claimed the boys lived on Pond St. and I was seen sexually abusing the boys. The actual resident, a friend of mine will testify that the boys never lived at that address and this is an outright lie. This is outright perjury by Lisa Marchetere and that whiny little DCF lawyer.

    Once again, no names of mandated reporters (police officers), no dates, no locations, no evidence, just inferences, hearsay, etc.

Signed and dated April 20, 2017 under the pains of penalties of perjury.

Lisa Marcheterre.

Furthermore, Lisa Marcheterre specifically warned (perhaps threatened) the family on these issues:

  • If you live with Mr. Wolfe, we will be watching you very carefully (they have a DCF snitch in my neighborhood, David Anderson) and your kids may get taken.

  • If you allow Mr. Wolfe to be alone with your children, your kids may get taken.

  • We at DCF will instruct the school staff at the elementary schools Stapleton and McCarthy to prevent Harold J. Wolfe from picking up the eight year old.

    In essence, we will label him as a possible sex offender even if he has done nothing wrong. We just don't like his kind. The kind that openly criticizes the Framingham police, the Middlesex District court and DCF.

When you see obese people, you may correctly infer they may have multiple personalities.... such as

  • Duncan Hines,
  • Betty Crocker,
  • the Pillsbury Doughboy,
  • Hagen and Daz,
  • Sara Lee,
  • amongst others....

The good news?....
When the aliens land, they'll eat the fat people first.

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