When the police make you a defendant by arresting you, you will tried in a what they call a court of law. As a defendant, you can choose to have a bench trial (before a judge) or a jury trial.

Juries are sometimes required to protect the innocent from pricks like David W. Cunis. In the old days, these idiots used to be called hanging judges because they enjoyed hanging people. The idiocy of these certain judges is usually recognized by most attorneys. Attorneys are usually familliar with the morons within their legal community.

The process of jury selection in a nutshell, is to find those individuals summoned, who have tiny stupid lizard brains and can be easily manipulated. A very serious effort is made to find the dumbest people alive that have not yet been institutionalized.

When you receive an order to report for jury duty, you will take note that it is not a request. There is some threat of penalties if you do not respond or show up. Most of the time, they are not enforced. The process does not seem to be voluntary.

You can take note that if you arrive at the court house before the appointed time and it is raining, the court house will not be open for your convenience and you will invariably get wet. The court does not give a rats patootie about the potential jurors they have summoned. It would be common courtesy to open the doors for the potential jurors ahead of time, but that would show that they care. They don't!.

How many people have to be summoned in order to form a group of 40 people which is subsequently used to form a six or twelve member jury.

If you have to send out 200 summons to get 40 responses, the court has already chosen to eliminate eighty percent (80%) of the population (the more intelligent 80%). Now the process of jury selection begins. It should really be called jury rejection or better yet, jury tampering.

The attorneys and DAs will question each person to weed out those with any shred of intelligence or who give them lip.

I emphasize again that the goal is select those members of the jury pool, who have tiny stupid lizard brains . The attorneys and DAs seek those who they can manipulate (jury tampering).

The jury system puts a ban on intelligence and honesty, and a premium upon ignorance, stupidity and perjury.
      Mark Twain (Samual Clemens)

In selecting a jury, The trial judge shall examine on oath all persons called as jurors, in each case, and shall ask: (5) whether any is sensible of any bias or prejudice therein; and (6) whether any knows of any reason why he cannot or does not stand indifferent in the case.

The judge should ask if any juror believes in large imaginary sky wizards and should immediately release them from the jury. Any religious person carries with them a hidden bias against public unbelievers.

The peremptory challenge of a juror should include exclusion based on religion. A sure fire way to get out of jury duty is to wait until you are chosen, then jump up and say What kind of case am I going to get?
Is this a murder case?
Am I going to get to fry someone? What color is he?

If I stood outside the courthouse distributing a flyer that instructed people how to either get picked for a jury or how to avoid jury duty, I would be arrested for jury tampering. Judge Robert Greco (now resigned) or judge Douglas Stoddart would be chomping at the bit to have me hauled away. But judge David Cunis would have me burned at the stake because that's what crazy Christians do.

Perjury in particular demeans the judicial system, but enforcement of laws against it is statistically de minimis.

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Jury selection/tampering eliminates all those people who have been victimized by the judicial system. Thus, someone to be tried for murder will never have a jury of his peers (six or twelve other murderers). Every person who is convicted of a crime is excluded from being on a jury. Everyone who has a bone to pick with the government is excluded from juries.

A jury of my peers would consists of 6 or 12 white aging retired atheist software developers who have a bone to pick with our wasteful governments.

Personally, I think juries should be of the same race as the defendant, and should have been convicted of the same crime as the defendant. This might make them more impartial.

Jury Nullification is one tool we have to combat judicial hostility.

The primary function of the independent juror is not, as many think, to dispense punishment to fellow citizens accused of breaking various laws, but rather to protect fellow citizens from tyrannical abuses of power by government. The Constitution guarantees you the right to trial by jury. This means that government must bring its case before a jury of The People. If government wants to deprive any person of life, liberty, or property. Jurors can say no to government tyranny by refusing to convict

It should be required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that all judges and DAs discuss the issue of jury nullification with every juror in every jury selected.

If you want to get out of jury duty,

  • come dressed as a Muslim or a Sikh. Small sheets or turbines on your head scare the corrupt Christian judges, DAs and attorneys .

  • Wear a burqha that covers all but your eyes.

  • Ask whether you have the opportunity to hang or fry someone and be sure to ask what color he is.

  • Tell them that your ex-wife or ex-husband was an attorney, a DA or a judge and you can't stand them.

  • Just become totally arrogant and tell the court officials that they are just dumb ass twits or dicks. Wait a second, that's telling the truth.

Now that you've been summoned, they might pay you as much as $15.00 for the day but they will not provide food or water so that you may live in their courthouse. They do not understand that this miniscule payment is the primary reason that people do not want to serve on a jury.. Would the judge or a DA or any attorney accept a $15.00 a day salary? This is far below the minimum wage. They should pay you the average salary of the attorneys (probably $250,000 a year), salaries of the DAs, and judges (trial court judges are around $160,000). That would be about $150-$250 an hour.

All defendants show up in Courtroom 1 downstairs and are assigned a courtroom where their jury trial is. The names of the defendants are handled in alphabetic order. If your last name is Aardvark, you're in luck. If it's it's Xylophone, the day in court drags on and on and apparently slower and slower, as though some crazy paradox, a quantum time dilation occurs as a direct result of sheer boredom and monotomy.

Judges, DAs and police all want you the jurors to find the defendant accountable for their actions, but the judges, DAs and police do not want you, the juror to find them accountable for their actions.

How to get out of jury duty

  1. Claim that you're involved in the crime being investigated
  2. Throughout the proceedings, ask the attorneys, DAs and judges if they are intere sted in buying fresh human organs.
  3. Make sure you mention your favorite movie is Runaway Jury with John Cusack.
  4. Talk about how excited you are for being on the jury for the first time since the OJ Simpson murder trial.
  5. Ask a lot of questions about jews. You don't have to be for or against Jews, just appear to be overly concerned about them and how many jews are involved in this case. Are there going to be any jews on the jury. Are you jewish? What about you? Hey over there, are you jewish?
  6. Adopt the defendant as your child.
  7. Ask the judge if this is one of those cases where you're allowed to accept bribes.
  8. Walk into the courthouse with a megaphone shouting Guilty, Guilty, Guilty
  9. If someone tries to take your megaphone, sentence them to five years in jerk prison.
  10. Try to roll your eyes every few seconds.
  11. No matter what question you are asked, say "Whatever!" and roll your eyes.
  12. Claim you have a bias.
  13. No matter what the crime, claim you were a victim of that crime too!

    You were the victim of murder?

      From time immemorial, jurors have been falling asleep because from time immemorial, lawyers have been boring.

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