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11 Young Road, Weston, MA. 02493
Nice house but next to a sucky intersection.
781-647-1055, 617-543-8629

Single Family
Six bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms
Lot Size - 1.76 acres, Floor Size - 6,857 sqft
Parcel ID# WESTM:0460L:0012S:0000
Last Sale Jun 2007 - Price $2,200,000, now $3,500,000
County: Middlesex County
FIPS: 250173672003032
Latitude, Longitude: 42.342035, -71.27218

I know that a judge's salary cannot afford such a house.
So I found the real source of income .

Baker nominates safety aide for judgeship

Hack in line for judgeship oversaw state police "professional standards"

Major General Gary W. Keefe

Jennifer and Kevin seem to donate monies to the St Julia Parish and St. Sebastians

In fact, Jennifer was an assistant religious education teacher at St. Julia. A stalwart defender of Jesus, the imaginary son of of an imaginary god .

Kevin really has found a good source of income from his wealthy clients and she has found a source of income as a judge until retirement at age 70.

She was a refreshing breeze in comparison to Cunis and Fabbri who drool hostility all over me.

I have to wonder how she was assigned to me by Cunis. Testing her faith?

I had to ask her the fundamental question.

Do you believe in god?

Her response was "I can't answer that question".
I told her that was the wrong answer. She knows it.

She violated her oath of office (to God himself) as as attorney by stating a falsehood (a lie) when I asked her about believing in a god.. That's a big NO-NO.

The trouble with believing in god is all those esoteric beliefs you have to believe in even if they clearly make you look batshit insane .

I took note that her previous case involved an illegal immigrant who was given the a religious god oath .
So it's clear that she's good with the imaginary friend.

I also asked her

Does the Massachusetts judiciary have a single atheist judge?

She had no answer.

Because I was there, the court had two guards in Courtroom 2.

Jennifer expects me to respect her religious beliefs like these...

Jennifer D. Queally and
Major General Gary W. Keefe

Jennifer and Kevin seem to donate monies to the St Julia Parish and St. Sebastians

They both deny evolution and they pay big bucks to make sure their children also become catholic morons .

St. Sebastian Tuition for the 2023-24 academic year: $58,200

Athletics, extracurricular activities, and daily lunch are included in the tuition fee.

The good news is that the boys get their fill of Jesus crackers .

Billy, a 2021 St. Sebastian graduate, wants to work for Morgan Stanley. Can't imagine why!

The Weston public schools rank as one of the best school systems in Masachusetts.
BUT, and it's a big BUT, they have the audacity to teach that evil evolution .
There may be some concern on her part that she would never see Billy in heaven.

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The Queally Waxman Angell Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley

Over the course of a 30 year career helping people manage their wealth, I have come to believe that all success comes down to managing risk. Risk is a broad concept that encompasses more than just preserving a client's assets from loss - a deeper, more nuanced definition of risk includes other factors. For example, opportunity risk; the possibility that you might miss a chance to realize substantial gains, due to inactivity, poor advice or some other factor. Longevity risk - the possibility that you might outlive your wealth. Interest rate risk - by preserving your principle, are you settling for a return that might not be competitive in the future. Risk can mean a dozen things. Sometimes, following the traditional "safe" investments might actually be more risky than pursuing a carefully constructed investment plan designed to reach your financial goals while managing volatility. I enjoy working with my clients to help them articulate and pursue their goals using all the tools I have available to me.

I am a Family Wealth Director, a certification earned by fewer than 5% of all Morgan Stanley advisors as of September 2020, demonstrating my knowledge across a wide variety of wealth management issues, and granting me access to services not available to all advisors. I am also a CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR and a non-practicing Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Most recently, I have received a designation of National Football League Players Association - Registered Institutional Player Financial Advisor.

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