Questions for DA/Judge

Do you believe in God?
Have you read the bible?

What does HTML stand for
What is a web server?
Can you name any web server?
Can you name a web browser?
Which web server does your office use?
Which web browser do you use on your computer?
Why is the world wide Web called the web?
What is special about the word web?
Do you know what is required to view the source of an HTML page
Can you identify a linked image or linked text in a source HTML file? HREF
Ever heard of WGET as an Internet tool?

What is the definition of harassment according to Massachusetts law
Please read out loud the message I relayed to Ernest and Heather
Explain to me in simple words why this constitutes harassment?
Who was the police officer that justified my arrest?
What exactly was the justification for an arrest?
Who am I addressing in this message ?
What do I say that constitutes harassment to Lucien in any form whatsoever

This is the content of the web page in question (ernest-20230921.html)

  1. Who is the message addressing? Lucien or Ernest?

  2. What is the specific definition of harassment?

    Six grand to deck Paul

    Back off immediately if you don't want your lives destroyed.

    Your real wife Margaret Lee will discuss this with you.

    You and Lucien could face hard time and of course.
    Avery could get a new DCF mommy.

    And thank Lucien for me.

    This offer to your son Lucien shows:
    your distinctively strong homophobia,
    your religious zealotry
    your remarkable insensitivity to the quality of Lucien's future life.
    DCF would be fascinated by your parental skills
    Additionally, texts from you on Margaret's phone indicate you wish to kill Paul.
    Could you send those texts to the Framingham police? Pretty please.

    Lucien lived with me for two and a half years until about August 20, 2023. His mother and I transported him to school and back. Ernest Shane Perce was not involved with school stuff.

    As far as I know, I am able to communicate with Ernest Shane Perce and his consort, Heather Puglisse in any way I choose.

    If I had sent the same info to Ernest and Heather via text or email, it would not involve this alleged

    Harrassment Prevention Order . Note that it says Harrassment

    The main web site is:
    The page under consideration is: ernest-20230921.html

    My actions were limited to creating the ernest-20230921.html file
    I then issued an FTP command to place this file on a disk that my web server has access to.
    The key is that I did not link it into the web site using the " linked-file HTML entries.

    I then emailed Heather Puglisse and Ernest Shane Perce and sent them the complete pathname.

    At this point, three people knew of this file, Myself, Ernest and Heather. It was a private message sent via the web

    If Ernest or Heather did not show that file to Lucien he would never see it, even if he were smart enought to upload the entire site (about 2.5 GB) using WGET

    The file ernest-20230921.html is called a dark file simply because it is not linked in. It's a straggler sitting on a disk drive, available to a web server but available only if you know the specific name:


    It's a dark web page. It's there but you must know it's complete name.

    Show me clearcut evidence that Lucien saw this file without Ernest/Heather showing it to him.

    Did Lucien even see it.

    Is it harassment if Lucien did not see it?
    Is it harassment if it is not harassment.
    Did a tree fall in the forest if no one heard it?

    Did anyone read the message? It was addressed to Ernest.
    The message does not in anyway harass Lucien.
    If it does, you'll have to explain it to me very slowly.
    I am fascinated that no one seems interested in the content of the message.
    Michael L. Fabbri was not the least bit interested.
    He really wanted to rush this along for a quick prosecution.

    Here's a message about a father offering his 14 year old $6,000 to hurt Paul Botteron, and Ernest sent a text to his real wife suggesting he wants to kill Paul Botteron and that asshole judge Michael L. Fabbri makes it a point to deliberately ignore the message in order to do what he does best:
    Prosecute! Prosecute! Prosecute! Prosecute atheists..

    That's why I smell malicious prosecution originating with Michael L. Fabbri

    I merely sent email to Ernest and Heather indicating the full path name.
    It was available to Lucien only thru Ernest or Heather.
    There is no other way for Lucien to access it or even know about it.
    He could not stumble upon it. He had to know the full pathname.

    Did Lucien even see it? Is it harassment if it's not harassment and Lucien doesn't see it anyway?

    There was no intent to harass. I have no desire to harass Lucien. I see no harassment in the message that nobody bothered to look at.

    There was intent to warn Ernest Shane Perce of the danger of what Lucien had said.

    The compelling reason.
    20 minute conversation between Lucien and myself at around 0017 on 20230827
    The audio shows that I have more compassion for Lucien than his father.

    At about the 7:50 mark in the video, Lucien stated that his father Ernest Shane Perce offered him $6,000 to deck Paul Botteron and bloody him.
    This struck me to just absolutely ludicrous and unacceptable to me. I'm thrilled that Lucien made the correct decision by not taking him up on the offer, given Lucien's anger management issues.
    Paul Botteron and Ernest Praise Perce (Ernest Shane Perce's elder son) were a gay couple until recently.

    I'm also offended by the notion that Ernest would use his own son Lucien to do something he himself is too much of a coward to do, knowing that the penalties on his son would be lesser because he is a minor (albeit 145 pounds, 5 feet, 11 inches).

    In addition, Ernest Shane Perce has a text on his phone sent to his wife (not the consort) that implies that he wants to kill Paul.

    Enjoy perusing his own web page where Ernest Shane Perce defines himself on his own page.

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