The Massachusetts Governor's Council, also known as the Executive Council, is composed of eight individuals elected from districts, and the Lieutenant Governor who serves ex officio. The eight councillors are elected from their respective districts every two years. The Council meets weekly to record advice and consent on warrants for the state treasury, pardons and commutations, and recording advice and consent to gubernatorial appointments such as judges, clerk-magistrates, public administrators, members of the Parole Board, Appellate Tax Board, Industrial Accident Board and Industrial Accident Reviewing Board, notaries and justices of the peace.

The Governor's Council dates back from a gazillion years ago and constitutes a body whose primary functional purpose is to accept or reject those people who are appointed to the Massachusetts judiciary (to be a judge) by the governor. Given that the judiciary seems packed with a secret catholic society, it does not seem to be doing a bang up job.

The most recents candidates that were rejected were those who were in favor of civil forfeitures . Sadly, religious zealotry is not a criteria to reject candidates. I would guess that the Governor's Council is also a secret catholic society.

The belief in the supernatural is a direct contradiction of the concept of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore religion is a direct contradiction to the definition of being a judge. None of these judges can prove jackshit about their worthless gods.

When running for office, candidates for the Governor's Council should emphasize their religion so we the taxpayers can judge how they will pack the court.

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