I am a militant atheist and I have no respect for those who choose and insist on believing in imaginary creatures and wanting to kill me ,
as documented in your Holy Scriptures that is the inerrant word of God.

Meanwhile, Welcome to my world! It has billions and billions of galaxies and zero gods.

The Governor's Council in their 394th year of operation start their meeting with a prayer indicating that they have been mentally castrated
as they continue to paddle down the River of Insanity heading towards NutCracker Falls and continue to be the stalwart
defenders of The Holy Inquisition .

Folks, it's 2024. Are you able to show me ANY evidence of your G-O-D , whatever a G-O-D is. I'll accept any of these as alternative evidence. .

How much longer do we have to wait for the Governor's Council members to pull their heads out of their ass on this G-O-D thing?

Thanks for Giles Corey in 1692

Thanks for blasphemy.

Always remember to kill the unbelievers .

The law is still on the books . Thanks to you folks. Perhaps, you can show me your efforts in eliminating it.

The good news for me is that you'll no longer whip me, stick a hot poker thru my tongue or hang me, like in the olde days of 1697.
Five years after Giles Corey.

On the subject of Judicial Conduct, What does invidious mean?

Is it invidious discrimination if

  1. they crushed their victims bones in iron boots;
  2. tore their quivering flesh with iron hooks and pincers;
  3. cut off their lips and eyelids;
  4. pulled out their nails, and into the bleeding quick thrust needles;
  5. tore out their tongues;
  6. extinguished their eyes;
  7. stretched them upon racks;
  8. flayed them alive;
  9. crucified them with their heads downward;
  10. exposed them to wild beasts;
  11. burned them at the stake;
  12. mocked their cries and groans;
  13. ravished their wives;
  14. robbed their children, and then
  15. prayed God to finish the holy work in hell.

Let us discuss your discussions with imaginary creatures. You call them prayers.

  1. Why do you morons (there is simply no kind word) start your meetings with a prayer as you paddle down the River of Insanty?
    Your prayer in itself is a violation of the separation of church and state but you idiots don't care, do you?

  2. Your first commandment is a violation of the first amendment.

  3. Have you ever seen ANY evidence of your G-O-D across 3,500 years?
    As secondary evidence, I will accept talking snakes, talking bushes on fire or talking asses as evidence.

  4. To which G-O-D do you pray to ?

    We have a wide assortment of gods, the ever malevolent jewish god Yahweh his bastard son Jesus and that angry Islamic psycho, Allah !

    I believe the clerk of the council should document these prayers.

    Did you know that your bible tells you to pray privately (Matthew 6:5) .
    Well it does, but you morons never read the fine print.

  5. What do you pray for?

    Does the clerk of the committee log down what was being prayed for?

    I'm guessing that like Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, your committee clerk doesn't know how to write.

    I'm just happy that your communications with G-O-D doesn't involve a hair dryer .

  6. Have any prayers come true?
    How can we tell if you do not document your prayers?

  7. The total number of prayers issued by the Governor's Council can be estimated at
    ( 394 years of operations * meetings per year ). A lowball estimate is about 10,000 prayers.
    What was your Return On Investment (ROI) for your prayers?

    Is G-O-D a good investment?

Thanks for David Cunis, Framingham's famous fucking priest
A candidate for the Dalai Lama Of Morons

Thanks for Paul Dawley

Thanks for Michael L. Fabbri

Thanks for Jennifer Queally

Thanks for stuffing our courts with religious idiocy.

You probably think that I enjoyed being judged by people

  1. who believe in biblical talkies ,
  2. have some really strange and esoteric beliefs , and
  3. have a strong desire to kill the unbelievers

Why is the blasphemy law still on the books even if it can't be enforced.
You all want the law to remain on the books, waiting for a time to enforce it again.

Why do we still have religious oaths.

Massachusetts General Law MGL-233 Section 19 violates separation of church and state.

I'd love to see a discussion of atheism in the Governor's Council. Please invite me!

Does the Massachusetts judiciary have a single atheist judge or even an atheist lawyer

Do you consider yourselves to be the stalwart defenders of the the Holy Inquisition . You seem to fill that role!

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